This country is freaking HOT!!! Holy crap it is warm outside. I’m in a singlet and shorts and dying.

The border crossing

The border crossing was definitely an experience. White gloved, camo-wearing army officers tore apart every bag and checked them thoroughly for contraband. The one other backpacker on the bus told me that they confiscate Lonely Planet guides at the border, which would have been a serious pain but they left mine alone.

I had a really late night last night and I kept falling asleep on the bus, but the scenery I was awake for was beautiful.

Once we got into the cities though, everything changed. China is a vision of what I don’t want the future to be. The haze of pollution cut visibility to a few hundred metres, with cookie cutter buildings continuously rising to hold a population constantly growing.

Goodbye sun, it was nice knowing you.

Wish I could put up more pics, but the internet here is terrible. 🙁

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