Only problem with Bangkok is that the time there just disappears… It’s now the 28th and I got there on the 24th. Where did those four days even go? I spent pretty much the whole 27th lying in bed and recovering from the night before, so decided this morning that it was time to move on! Packed up at 8am, took a tuktuk to the train station and jumped on the next train to leave. Ayutthaya – two hours north and only B15. What a country!!

I haven’t seen any of the city yet, but it used to be the capital before it got sacked by the Burmese. So now it’s a little town surrounding a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I’m going to hire a bicycle tomorrow and go for a little explore.

Swapped my Shantaram for Sebastian Faulks – Human Traces at the hostel this morning. It’s much smaller which is so much better to carry around! 😛

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