Don’t worry, I didn’t die, there’s just no wifi in India! 😛

I’ve finally figured out how to get my phone and my laptop working together at mighty 2G mobile speeds to write this post. Even uploading that one picture took a couple of minutes……

A ton of stuff has happened since my last entry, and I’ll try and get that up over the next couple of days. Right now I’m sitting in an apartment on the beach in Goa. I can hear the waves crashing and watch the sun setting from out my window. I’ll be here for the next month at least, probably a month and a half.

It was only US$80 to rent the this house and a motorbike for the whole month which is ridiculously cheap. It’s a big place, beautiful tiled floors, nice kitchen so I can do my own cooking… life couldn’t get any better.

Bigger post coming in the next couple of days, as soon as I figure out how to upload all these photos.

Not dead, feeling very much alive 🙂

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