Got up this morning at about 8:30, and decided that I might as well get the day train to Bangkok. Checked the timetable and found out the 6-hour train leaves at 8:55. If I don’t catch that one, I’ll have to take one that takes at least 8 hours. Hmmmm….. 

One shower, one bag pack, one check-out, one tuktuk ride, and I’m at the train station at 8:45. Not bad!! I go to the ticket window and ask about the prices of second and third class. It’s a moot point – there’s only space left in third. Perfect I thinks, book me a ticket! The train arrives and I jump on …. oh crap. This is a new low for third class, no cushioned seats, just 6 hours of hard plastic seating all the way to Bangkok. My ass feels sore just looking at them. Not only that, they’re designed for Thai people with short legs. The seats are grouped as two doubles facing each other. I estimate there’s perhaps 60cm gap between the seats. The guy sitting across from me is already in my personal space just from the closeness of the seats, and now I have to find somewhere to put my legs. This is going to be one really really long trip……….
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